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You are Sunny Sanchez, the Squirrel and you're on your way through a grievously dangerous woodcutting facility to collect all the nuts!

This 2D platformer is ideally being played by 2 frenemies, one controlling the Squirrel Sunny Sanchez via Keyboard/Arrow Keys, the second one "helping out" by clicking and dragging the platforms within the level.

Try to not kill each other, please.


Squirrel Sunny Sanchez: Keyboard, Arrow Keys
Controlling the Platforms: Mouse, Click&Drag

The game has been created using Unity 2017.

Wolfgang Schütz - art
Dominik Uhl - mechanics, asset implementation, level design
Philipp Sigl - additional coding
Florian Jindra - game design, sound

Install instructions


HappYwood_V2.rar 17 MB


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