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'Up' is a calm exploration experience for one. Walk through a cave, note your surroundings and create a stairway to heaven.

How to play

Press + hold left mouse button to move. Move mouse to look around.

The game was created during the 48 hour game jam 'JamIsland' at Schmiede 2018 in Hallein, Austria.


- Isabella Samhaber, coding
- Sabine Harrer, sound
- Caroline Facinelli, art
- Florian Jindra, game design
- Radomir Dinic, additional coding

Install instructions

The game comes as a .zip, just unpack and start 'Up.exe'. Be sure to have the folder 'UP_Data' in the same directory when doing so.


UP.rar 195 MB


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Hi, UnityPlayer.dll is missing from the archive and thus the game won't start :(

Build has been updated, should be fine now!